Thomas Anderson

Plover and Algae
"Plover and Algae"
Oil, 24" x 36"
©2006 Thomas Anderson

Selcted for inclusion in the Society of Animal Artists' 48th Art and the Animal Exhibition
Neville Public Museum, Green Bay, Wisconsin
September-November 2008

Algae are present in the wetlands at all times of the year and various species expand and contract depending on conditions like amount of rain and the average temperature. Thick mats of blue-green algae (enteromorpha) seem to form most often in the summer and fall. Black-bellied Plovers are one of the first shorebirds to arrive at Bolsa Chica from their breeding grounds in the arctic in the late summer. This individual scurries across the algae while the zig-zag of the gentle rolling wave and the late afternoon light holds the composition together.

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